Studio Feature : Stix Yoga, Chicago


Meet Lisa, the one of the beating hearts in the Chicagoland Yoga and fitness community and founder/owner of Stix yoga Chicago. Lisa began her yoga journey 20 years ago as a way to work on her physical health. “I soon noticed that it was way more about my mental health, it helped me as I was raising my two kids.”


Flashback to about 5 years ago, she decided to take her yoga journey to the next level with her first teacher training. ‘I started teaching here at Stix n Brix our family restaurant for a few months, just to get the practice in and to see if it was something I really liked.” Today, Stix Yoga is a flourishing part of the community in Bridgeport, Chicago as Lisa’s passion keep the women here happy, healthy and moving.

“Your mind body connetion is so important to all of us, but especially as women who are getting older. No matter if you’re a young woman starting your journey, a new mom, you’re going through menopause, or you’re aging gracefully - it so important to keep moving and keep your yoga journey going. It is a journey.” Lisa's classes focus on making movement fun. Her passion for getting women, at any age, moving and feeling that they can do more than they think. 

Stix Yoga is a traveling yoga studio...for now at least. She and her many students are looking forward to keep growning for years to come and maybe soon find a forever space in the South Chicago Neighborhood of Bridgeport. 

You can find Lisa and Stix Yoga in spaces around Chicago at her weekly in-person classes, special events, or her online classes. Follow @StixYoga on social, or reach out to start your journey with Stix Yoga Chicago.

Instagram: @StixYoga