Your Satisfaction means everything to us

We've worked hard to discover a natural rubber foam which provides the comfort and support of much thicker mats, we just know you're going to love it. 

Due to the lack of toxic inks and glues, if you have any allergies, these mats are not going to upset you. They're earth friendly, made with the highest possible materials. 

The placement of your feet and hands on your mat during your practice can require some concentration, especially when you're eternal newbies like us. With the alignment line, you get to relax about alignment and just flow. 

Lastly, grip. We know advanced yogi's could sideways crow on a wet kitchen floor but we appreciate the non-slip surface our mats provide. We aspire to guru level core strength but happy for the help along the way. 

We know our mats are not cheap. We decided to not cut corners, avoiding cheaper factories with questionable ethics. High quality materials eat into our profit margins but in the end we get a product we're super proud of.

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